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The view of personal mobility has changed fundamentally since the diesel scandal in the automotive industry. With the PLEV's (Personal Light Electric Vehicles), a new and interesting type of vehicle is on the market.

On this website we would like to bring the community of users and manufacturers of PLEVs together, as well as bundle common interests and activities. The exchange between each other is important and takes place on our DISCORD server. All contacts can be found on Linktree. Anyone who wants to get involved can join the respective channels and work together.
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Individual personal and electrical micromobility has been growing steadily over the past few years. Unfortunately, many countries in Europe are not yet open to this type of new electric mobility.

Since the 15. June 2019 is the electric small vehicles regulation (EKFV) of the BMVI entered into force in Germany. This regulation primarily regulates the use of electric scooters on public roads in the Federal Republic of Germany. There are no uniform regulations across Europe for Small Electric Vehicles (EKF) / Public Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV). The petition is intended to give more attention to this fact and to find a uniform regulation for all EKF / PLEV.

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